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Bikers Parrot Stolen From His Motorcycle At Bike Week

 Thursday, March 17, 2016

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 - Mike Mularz misses his little girl. Her name is Spyke. She's a 22 year old blue and gold macaw. He's been putting up flyers along Main Street and Noble in Daytona Beach.

This is where he says Spyke, was stolen from his motorcycle Saturday night at Bike Week."She was forced off the motorcycle and the person ran off into the crowd," Mularz said. "Some motorcycle enthusiast saw it happened and tried to chase him down, but could not."

Mularz says Spyke can't fly, and that she would likely put up a fight with someone who tried to take her off the motorcycle. "She really enjoyed being in the wind and riding something," Mularz said. "She has over 130 thousand miles of riding under her wings."

    Mularz says Spyke has a band on her leg and is chipped. He is offering a 1000 dollar reward for information leading to Spyke's safe return.  "She has made so many friends, she has more friends than I'll ever have. And, I really miss her!"

    On the flyer Mularz left his number, 727-432-3949 for people to call if they spot Spyke.

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